29 Dec

The Bible can help us to comprehend and gain knowledge when trying to focus on the second coming of Christ, it also gives individuals an insight of the end times. The book of Daniel has been a particular area of focus to the seventh day Adventist members. The book of Daniel begins with Michael riding at a time when there was turmoil, Daniel seems to be enduring the end time, which through study is revealed to come in three times, 1260 days, followed by an addition of 30 days which comes to 1290 days known as times, and half a time which is 1335 days. This has led individuals studying the Bible to be thrown off. The book of Daniel employs the language of Hebrew and Aramaic, the passage composition is vital when trying to get clear the content of message trying to be out across, especially based on the history we have been in.  In addition to this, to get Daniel Chapter 12 Explained, view here. 

Pastor Byron has for many years studied the book of Daniel, he came to discover that the closing prophecy of the book is not content for the believers to get to know about Christ’s second coming, but is more like a guiding link to help believers understand the relationship between the second coming and when of the Sunday law starts and its relation to Christ’s second coming. There are topics based on the second coming of Christ, end times, the book of Daniel chapters 2,7,8,11 all through to 12, Revelation, Sabbath, the mark of the beast, judgement of the living have all been areas of focus for the Christians. Pastor Byron booklet can help in getting to know about the love for Jesus, and how much the believers anticipate for his return. Christ returning will see him end the argument concerning the ages which has caused a lot of conflicts for the longest time.

There are times when studying the Bible one finds it difficult to understand and comprehend, it however is not supposed to be so. The three timeliness in The book of Daniel in Hebrew terms meaning the anointed time seems to be on contrast with the term in Aramaic which means the regular time. When your studying pastor Byron’s booklet on the book of Daniel, you will understand the contrasts between the Hebrew term and the Aramaic term, you get to learn on why there is so much conflict causing confusion.

Christ performed the appointed times during his crucifixion on the cross, during his rising and the times there is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the church. The appointed times are said to be fulfilled during the same spring feast days which will be the sounding of the final trumpets, the final days of judgement, and during the second coming, all these on a feast of Tabernacles. The time lines stated in the he books of Daniel 12 are in comparison with the appointed times of the Israel calendar. If in need to understand this meaning take time to study the research work of Pastor Byron‘s booklet which illustrates this book of Daniel which has been given title of the Pink Elephant standing in the middle of the bibles prophecy, which is Daniel’s message to the Earth’s last generation. .

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